UK: University Moves to Ban Beef on Campus for the Soyim

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Oi! You got a loiscense for that burger?


So how many years until the goyim are only allowed to eat exclusively bug products?

I’d say it’s a ways off but at the same time, I didn’t think we’d be at child drag queens 4 years after gay marriage, so maybe 2? 3?

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In-depth research on Global Warming just isn’t presented to your average Millennial and now Zoomer normie.

Research? Science is no longer researched, it is dictated.

  1. Goverment solicits applications for research grants on “global warming”
  2. “Researchers” compete to write the most politically-compelling proposals
  3. Grants are allocated and “research” is eventually delivered
  4. Politically-friendly results are rewarded with future grants. Politically-unfriendly results aren’t.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat until “the science is settled!”

Some of our young rural men are going to make a fortune in the meat smuggling business.
I actually support the anti-beef movement, it will galvanize the youth.

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You mean we have to eat bugmen instead of beef? Euwww…

We the Europeans are 16% of the world’s population and the 3rd worlders are causing more pollution, overpopulation and destruction to the environment.

The upheads of the University are going to get loads of hate.

I’d rather do Open University instead of visiting the university to attend lessons.

Agendas are being pushed faster now than they ever have before. For example – and I hate to keep on harping on about this, but the tranny thing man… like, how are we really just going ahead with that as a society? Like how– eh, you know what, never mind.

It’s a loyalty test. They want to squeeze out and identify people who won’t go along with their own extermination. If you’re willing to put up with child abuse and aggressively-promoted homosexuality and satanism, that signals to the elite that they’ve broken your spirit because there’s no line that can’t be crossed.

Next they’ll promote cannibalism, pedophilia and bestiality.

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